My leadership philosophy is built into the DNA of my work

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Just a few years ago when I was running a record label, I never thought I’d be using words like “personal power” and “live your purpose.” But since leaving my label and starting The Big Quiet, I’ve worked with thousands of people and greatly broadened my perspective of what’s possible. This is where I’ve landed…


I believe that people are powerful.

That every person has the ability to make a meaningful and fulfilling contribution to the world.

But due to how we live our lives today, it’s easy to feel blocked from this good stuff.

Studies show that we’re experiencing some of the highest rates of stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness in human history.

I can relate. I’ve had panic attacks, tried different anti-depression medications and been on a path that has felt incredibly isolating at times.

Although it’s not commonly talked about, it’s common to feel disconnected from our selves and from each other.

We’re told to “hustle” more, to achieve more, to post more, to do more. But at what expense?

Many of us are burning-out. We’re tired.

We’re craving something deeper, more colorful, more connected, more human.

As mental and physical illness increase, it’s becoming clear that how we’re living is not sustainable.

We need people that do it differently.

We need new leaders.

Leaders that take a stand for redefining and reprioritizing how we work, live, love and contribute to the greater good.

So how do we step into becoming the leaders we were all born to be?

By growing beyond the things that block us from our truth (stress, anxiety, loneliness, burnout, self-doubt) and reclaiming our personal power (living bravely and in line with what fulfills us).

We’re able to achieve this through:

  1. SELF-PRACTICES like meditation, self-care, technology reduction, nature-time

    >> build vitality, wellbeing and greater potential

  2. SOCIAL-PRACTICES like participating in supportive communities, friend groups or shared experiences

    >> establish support, human connection and belonging

As our personal blocks lessen and as we feel seen by others, we become more connected to our true selves. We start to show up as the people we really are, not the people who we feel we’re supposed to be.

From this place, we become powerful. We get clear about what fulfills us. We use our unique gifts to create solutions for the problems of our time.

This is our greatest contribution to the world.

And perhaps the most meaningful way we can lead.

Living our lives in this unconventional way requires courage, and in doing so, we model for others a new way to be and do. It’s a powerful form of leadership - and a way of leading that every one of us is capable of stepping into.

As more of us own our leadership, culture begins to shift, and our world starts to become the world we want to live in.





I work with individuals, teams and large groups to lay this new foundation. Pulling from my extensive background in the music industry, I create accessible entry points for personal and corporate wellbeing. I do this through public speaking and with my work leading mass meditations and meditation trainings at The Big Quiet.

Let’s lead together.