Jesse and The Big Quiet team create mass meditation experiences at corporations, conferences and colleges. From fifty to thousands of people, Big Quiet mass meditations are designed for large groups with any level of meditation experience and feature a unique blend of guided sound meditation, powerful performances and connection exercises.


Google Case Study


Google invited Jesse and The Big Quiet to host a company-wide mass meditation as an opportunity for teams to come together, recharge from work and share in a moment of connection. The Big Quiet took place at Google’s NYC headquarters and was simulcasted to their Mountain View campus - featuring sound bath meditation practitioners, violinists and performers.

“Jesse and The Big Quiet came to Google NYC during a time where our community was going through a period of grieving the sudden loss of two co-workers. Our community was really struggling and in need of an event that brought us all together. The Big Quiet did exactly this. It gave us all permission to slow down, take a pause and breath, and recharge, together. Jesse's way of facilitating and guiding the experience made it very relatable and accessible to everyone. His grounded, humble, radically authentic and friendly presence resonated with our community. The event was live streamed globally. I tuned in from our offices in Mountain View with members of our Wellness team at Google and we were all so moved by the experience, even being thousands of miles away.”

- Google, Special Events Team