Jesse teaches an in-person meditation course for people who are passionate about developing their leadership and getting clear about their impact on the world.

In three 90-minute sessions spread out over three consecutives days, Jesse provides the complete know-how to have a daily meditation practice for life. Taught in a small-group community learning format, Jesse covers the game-changing benefits and science of meditation, and teaches the 1 Giant Mind Being Technique -- which is NOT about "clearing the mind of thoughts." It's easy to learn, deeply restful and anyone can do it. Attendees graduate from the course as expert meditators with a new and enhanced relationship to meditation, and receive continued one-on-one support from Jesse + invites to graduate-only group meditations.


“Jesse and The Big Quiet have refined the ancient practice of meditation into something exceptional and uplifting.”


In the course you’ll learn:


How this style of meditation can reverse and prevent toxic stress and anxiety


How to live with a deeper connection to yourself, to your greater purpose and to your personal power


How this effortless daily meditation practice can drastically improve your sleep, immune system, sex life, creativity, productivity and your ability to feel comfortable in social settings


How to master a form of meditation that you can easily do on your own, anywhere and anytime -- without relying on meditation apps or guided classes


Jesse also offers corporate meditation sessions and courses

  • With Jesse’s calm and engaging teaching style, I felt I was finally given all the tools to establish a daily meditation practice that worked for me… something I’ll have for the rest of my life.
    — Tommy Sobel, founder of Brick
  • Jesse is an open-hearted teacher who creates a sense of intimacy and inclusion among the group while also keeping it casual and fun.
    — Michelle, UX Designer
  • I’ve been able to apply this style of meditation to my life quickly and with great benefit.
    — Peiman Raf, co-founder of Mad Happy
  • It’s been tremendously helpful to practice this technique and discuss this journey with Jesse’s community.
    — Ali, Music Festival Producer