• A cultural phenomenon that has thousands sitting together to reclaim presence of mind — and deeper human connection.
    — The Cassandra Report
  • The Big Quiet has been a truly transformative way to build community.
    — Nathaniel Ru, Co-founder Sweetgreen Restaurants and Sweetlife Festival
  • The Big Quiet gave us all permission to slow down, take a pause and breath - together.
    — Google Wellness Team
  • Attendees left knowing they were a part of something bigger.
    — Mike Farber, Co-Founder Breakout Conference

The Big Quiet hosts mass meditations with thousands of people at world landmarks like Madison Square Garden and the top of the World Trade Center.

Jesse and The Big Quiet team specialize in creating mass meditation experiences at corporations, conferences, colleges and music festivals designed for any level of meditation experience. The Big Quiet features a unique blend of guided sound meditation, powerful performances and participatory excercises.



The Big Quiet has come to corporations and places like



The Big Quiet is built on three pillars designed to strengthen human connection:


    Sound practitioners and instrumentalists power the meditation for an immersive and accessible experience - using instruments like sound bowls and gongs.


    From string quartets to a cappella choirs, Big Quiet experiences feature powerful, raw performances seamlessly blended into the end of the meditation.


    The entire audience is taken through group participatory exercises like break-out conversations, breath work, vocal tonigng, crowd-powered song and sharing in silence.


Case Studies




Google invited Jesse and The Big Quiet to host a company-wide mass meditation as an opportunity for teams to come together, recharge from work and share in a moment of connection. The Big Quiet took place at Google’s NYC headquarters and was simulcasted to their Mountain View campus - featuring sound meditation practitioners and string musicians. 

GOOGLE 20161116-_MG_2769 (1).jpg

Kit & Ace X World Trade Center

Kit and Ace approached Jesse and The Big Quiet to host a 1100 person mass meditation at the top three floors of the World Trade Center - the highest point in the Western Hemisphere. Kit+Ace created custom meditation cushions used at the event, simulcasted The Big Quiet to seven of their North American storefronts and had participation from 300,000+ live stream viewers.