I teach an in-person meditation training for people who want to be less stressed, feel more alive and take on life with purpose and power


 “Jesse’s way of facilitating and guiding is accessible, humble and radically authentic.”

-Team Google


Today’s landscape

Everyday we process tons of information - through constant contact, digital media and the demands of our jobs and personal lives - while pushing ourselves to take on more. This creates a burden on the nervous system that can lead to stress, anxiety, fatigue and illness - things that block us from our potential.

Meditation is one of the most sustainable forms of recovery and prevention, so we can be the best of who we are. It’s supported by years of research and science-backed evidence.

the training

In three 90-minute sessions over three consecutive days, I’ll walk you through a self-sufficient meditation technique that generates deep rest in the mind and body — allowing you to be 100 in the face of whatever you take on.

It’s a style of meditation that is not about "clearing the mind of thoughts." It’s easy to learn and effortless to practice. It’s called the 1 Giant Mind Being Technique.

We’ll cover the science and benefits of this powerful technique, and discuss a realistic approach for how you can establish and maintain a daily practice — even with an ultra-busy lifestyle. Attendees graduate from the course as expert meditators with a new and enhanced relationship to meditation, and receive continued one-on-one support from me as well as invites to graduate-only group meditations.


Jesse and The Big Quiet are “refining the ancient practice of meditation into something exceptional, uplifting and undoubtedly social.”


In the training you’ll learn:


How this style of meditation can reverse and prevent toxic stress and anxiety


How to live with a deeper connection to yourself, to your greater purpose and to your personal power


How this effortless daily meditation practice can drastically improve your sleep, immune system, sex life, creativity, productivity and your ability to feel comfortable in social settings


How to master a form of meditation that you can easily do on your own, anywhere and anytime -- without relying on meditation apps or guided classes


I also offer corporate meditation trainings for teams and companies

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