I speak at corporations, conferences and colleges. My talks always include a guided mass meditation.


“Jesse’s dynamic presentation style and future-forward vision not only helped our team think differently, it inspired them to DO something.”

-General Mills


I speak about community building, mental health, mindful leadership and meditation at organizations like


My interactive Keynote includes


20 minute inspirational talk with actionable audience takeaways (see topics below)


5 minute discussion on the benefits and science of meditation


15 minute guided sound meditation experience


10 minute facilitated audience break-out conversations


“Jesse inspires you with the greatest enthusiasm to think outside of the box and use your energy to uplift others.”



Speaking Topics

  • BETTER TOGETHER: Feeding the hunger for community

    Despite advancements in technology, science and medicine, studies show that modern society is experiencing some of the highest rates of depression, anxiety and chronic loneliness in human history. People are yearning for support, deeper connections and a sense of community in ways that are currently hard to find. In this talk, Jesse explores the growing need for human connection, from both a historical viewpoint of variations in human habitation as well as new studies surrounding changes in religion and the impacts of technology on human behavior. With the help of the past to understand the present, Jesse shares the actions that both individuals and organizations can take to bring people together when they need each other most.

  • FROM STRESSED TO SPIRITED: Meditation and mindfulness for the masses

    When Jesse Israel was 25 years old, he was running a record label, traveling the world to music festivals and investing in tech startups. But behind the scenes, he was having panic attacks and experiencing debilitating anxiety. In this talk, Jesse talks about how his life transformed when he found the practice of meditation and began living a more mindful lifestyle. Learn about the simple yet powerful science of meditation, tips on work/life balance, how to incorporate a mindful practice into your life & workplace, and experience a live meditation led by Jesse.

  • THE MINDFUL GENERATION: How health and wellness became a $3 trillion industry

    We find ourselves in the middle of a cultural movement around conscious living and personal betterment, where life hackers are becoming celebrities and articles on "the top five ways to improve your ___ (fill in the blank)" are going viral. With so much wellness noise to discern what's best for our own interest, consumers are prioritizing to spend their money on the brands, products and experiences that put their well-being first and allow them to feel their best. In this talk, Jesse guides audiences through the rapidly growing health and wellness landscape and shares the key values that are magnetizing consumers to this industry and the ways that you, your team and your brand can authentically have an impact within this space.


Case Studies


Adidas Trend Trek

Adidas invited me to speak with their creative design group and strategy teams about the need for community and human connection. I created a talk customized to Adidas’ #HereToCreate campaign to identify opportunities for employees to create authentic ways to bring people together - through work, sports and personal living.


American Express

Amex hired me to create a series of meditation workshops and branded video content for their Success Makers program. The series focused on strategies for incorporating mindfulness practices into daily routines, highlighting how meditation can help lead to increased creativity, greater clarity for making business decisions and more effective leadership.



Google invited The Big Quiet and I to host a company-wide mass meditation as an opportunity for teams to come together, recharge from work and share in a moment of connection. The Big Quiet took place at Google’s NYC headquarters and was simulcasted to their Mountain View campus - featuring sound meditation practitioners and string musicians.